Monday, December 04, 2006

countdown to great times...

Top 5 Christmas movies that WILL be watched this season of advent...
But then, I thought of waaaay more than, i decided to make a little advent calendar of my own.

The 21 Title Christmas Countdown. (In no really particular order)

And I begin with a classic:

A Personal Favourite, and could easily top the charts.

NOT to be confused with the more recent "A Muppet Christmas Movie", this beauty came out mid-nineties and is IMPOSSIBLE to buy. The only copy includes some pretty great DQ commercials, as it was taped off the CBC.

The Muppet Family Christmas brings together the Sesame Street Gang, the Muppets, the Fraggle Rockers...I think they're all stuck in Fozzie's childhood farmhouse and there's a blizzard coming. It's just got everything, Christmas carols, the Muppet band annnd most of all, the Swedish chef.

I can't wait.


the tapered pant said...

sorry that should really read "the only copy I've got includes some wicked DQ commericals..."

christy said...

oh man. RAD.