Friday, December 23, 2005

killed by smalls...

Alllllllright then*. After the slight flogging I took from the comments after the last post, I owed myself some explanation. Because Aaron was right, "what else do we have but these authentic projects of trial and error?". And I whole heartedly agree. Obviously. I believe 'authentic' to be the key word there which basically calls out the bullshit of the last post.

So then, is my reluctance to be completely forward within a blog and publish anything and everything that comes to mind really just in a lack of appreciation for the electronic medium? It's certainly likely. And, I have to say, I feel it's a legitimate excuse. Call me old fashioned, but in a day or two you'll probably call me hip.

But I hate to live and think in the obvious...SO perhaps my hesitation in self-expression in a blog is because most of what's important to me, really is captured in dialogue. Well, in conversation. Which means I lied in my last post; I don't prefer writing. I prefer speaking with another and then recording what was great.

this is very much an unfinished thought but I have to go see about some coffee and biscottii. With a great friend I might add. And in this being a spastic and irrelevant thought, it also becomes a perfect example of why I should not have a blog.

*(small seinfeld reference.)


Sharelle said...

although i do not intend to continue the flogging, i will say this:

i do find your blog insightful and interesting. perhaps simply for the written expression of your own dialouge. i find it witty, clever and even beautiful (sorry, i know i just cant pull that word off like janzen..)

sometimes i think the best writing is that which expresses our own dialouge with ourselves and with others. and we can thank good ol' j.d. salinger for that one.

i'm sorry for this ridiculously long post. just let me say - i love this pale reflection of the green clothbound notebook.

hoardingsanity said...

i indeed meant no harm my friend,
i merely insist that the world needs more people like you,
and every time you are NOT talking is a god-awful waste.

indeed, these 'blogs' are not known for their heights of deep passionate debate or their intelectual insight or even entertainment outside of the 'reality television' kind of melodrama, but i think you are one of those people who carry smartness, and passion and all that other crap i mentioned around with you all the time.

forget the medium my friend, because there aren't any.

[as an aside: perhaps it is the "janzen bias" that i have such high expectations of you ;) for indeed, she talks you up somethin' fierce]

Kristina said...

i think the correction needed in the seinfeld reference is...
"allllright sir."
(says Jerry to Elaine)