Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Best movie I've seen in a while...

I have a feeling this may not sit well with some of you "artsy" or "intellectual" types who let me pretend I'm your friend and/or equal. But I gotta say, "Batman Begins" fricking great. IIIIII loved it. The analyzation and distinctions made between justice and revenge were fantastic. And Christian Bale was my opinion. Basically, it made me want to be an ideal, a hero. Shocker. But this, my friends, is not the real reason I write. Things are astir in my mind. Unfortunately, it's much to late to attempt their organization. The real reason I sat down here to type was because of our good friend Bill Dowling.

I got to spend the evening with him in Winnipeg tonight. I just love and admire that man. He's so freaking encouraging. Not to mention insightful, honest, and articulate. Besides Christ, he's certainly my utmost instigator of creativity. Tonight the media was thought.

Ok the real, real reason I wanted to make a little posty-poo was this: at one point, we found ourselves sitting at Starbucks in Chapters waiting out some time for Batman to begin... and I thought of my favourite top 5 of all time: If you could have 5 traits of specific people, what would you be like?

Here were mine:
I would

think like CS Lewis
write like Nick Hornby
sing like Sarah Harmer
speak like Rob Whittaker
and rant like Bill Dowling

Here are his:
he would
play guitar like Stephen Fearing
write songs like Steve Earl
think like Frederich Buechner
have the self assurance of Billy Strachan
have the athleticism of Michael Jordan (though he did point out he wouldn't use the skills for basketball but instead volleyball...)

anyone else?


annie said...

play guitar like ani difranco
be intelligently full of wit like oscar wilde
be full of grace and love like mother teresa
(gotta steal one from you) sing like sarah harmer
write songs like j.k. samson (this one's a bit iffy but it's late and i can't think of anything better at the moment)

Spiro said...

sing like Lauryn Hill
compose music like lennon/McCartney
read like Dr. Spina (my fav professor)

ok, for two seconds there I was gonna put "be obedient like christ" but then I thought that was on the same level as reading leviticus hoping someone might notice as they walk by.