Friday, June 24, 2005

So far...

sooo good. Ok. Last night I FINALLY got a chance to pretty well absorb one of the 10 cds I've bought over the last seven days. Annnnd it was great. A little ridiculous at times. And not even that good, exciting ridiculous. I mean the sort of irritating "what kind of drug were on you on when you recorded this?" sort of ridiculous. But still good. It was Stephen Malkmus' album. The name of the album escapes me at the moment. Scroll down and you'll find it. I think it's "Face the Truth" or something like that.

And the other big news from the news department: Today, my friends, is my last day at GVC. That's all I'll say.

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annie said...

kiddo, 10 cd's in 7 days? are you a bit stressed or what's up? but anyway happy for your leaving gvc. congrats