Monday, June 27, 2005

Little shout out...

So, I found this in one of my Bibles the other day and realized that I never actually sent it off. SO I dedicate this post to my good friend Kristina Janzen. In honour of the Gord Downie Suite.

what a great guy. I don't really know what else to say. For those of you who are unaware, Kristina is moving to Winnipeg from Abbotsford in the fall annnd she's sure going to move in with me into (as mentioned above) the Gord Downie. Location TBA. Hopefully somewhere around Stella Ave...juuust kidding. We'll call that plan f for now. (as in we're f-ed if we have to move in there)

And I just realized I don't have a picture of her on here anywhere. I'll have to remedy that. In reality, I should quit putting posts up about my dogged life and start writing about the people that inspire me. I've already started one I just haven't found the perfect image to accompany the text. And let's face it, noone actually READS anyone's blogs anyhow. So I feel the picture is essential. Coming Soon.


Kristina said...

what a beautiful man.
(someone to abandon all sexual principles for) jk.

une questionne:
does the GD have to be christened with a Hip song, or can it be a little song by the Leds i like to call "thank you" (?)
do you remember how you said we're going to have a christening event, not a song...does this perhaps mean having to bear our souls through reading each other's journals. and by that i mean you reading mine?
it might not happen. we'll see.
i'm looking forward to 'plan f' and by f i mean stella ave.
it can't be that bad.
but what do i know?

Kristina said...

I'm checking your blog just dying for some insight.
in the words of BD,
"get 'er done!"

annie said...

what's with the lack of updates? disappointment is mine. about our little "what the h***" trip. yes i agree montreal. but when the h*** are we going?