Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Let the bastards freeze in the dark"...

So let me lay this down for you kids. First of all, it's pretty late, and I've got a wicked cold. Pretty much getting shot in the face about now would feel great. But this is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Let me first say this; there are many Americans without whom I cannot imagine myself. I love them dearly. They are incredible, incredible people. All full of life, all full of passion, all essential characters when trying to create your own. So this is not about individuals.

This is the thing, it's getting really freaking hard for me to appreciate our neighbours down south. Here's the problem, there's this lake in North Dakota called Devil's Lake. And some arrogant fools down south think it's getting too full so they want to drain it into the Red River, which runs through Manitoba and drains into Lake Winnipeg. This, this is el problemo. It's a problem because it'll offset all kinds of ecolgoical systems. We're talking draining pollutants like Mercury and Phosphorous into the Red. Great. SOunds like a great plan guys. Thanks a lot.

Not to mention huge economical concerns. Already the lakes in Manitoba are swelling, and there's been long time industry in fishing (believe it or not) as well as major apprehension towards the effect this will take on the largest source of income for Manitoba which is generating hyrdro electic power. Listen, kids, like i said, it's late. And this is a pretty tame and dumbed down version of what I really mean. I guess you could give me a call if you want the whole story.


annie said...

hey kid yes i agree that american's (not all mind you i love some aswell) can be serious asses. imagine if it were switched... all out war on canada.

Spiro said...

hmmm... no comment from mel.