Saturday, November 04, 2006

time for something productive...oh wait...

Well. Today's not exactly off to a great start. First of all, Newcastle United is losing, and juuust might end up at the bottom ranking in the premiership league, which is really only unfortunate...[they officially have one minute to score in...not looking great...] anyhow, really only unfortunate because it was from watching Newcastle matches that I fell in love with the sport, and I just feel like i owe them gratitude in form of support, eeeven despite brutal and heartbreaking losses. WHICH they just accomplished, but i don't think they lost by enough to dump them into the last spot...i'll get back to you.

I'm not sure the other catalysts to my lethargy this morning, it does appear to only be a physical lacking, because my mind seems to be a whirr with ideas I wish I could articulate. But the question is, if you can't express yourself in language another person can understand, did you ever really have anything to express?

Anyhow, what I should really tell you about, is the last film on the eternal top 5...given, this post is a little overdue, but let me just say, I've watched it twice more since then just to be sure. It's called "Green Street Hooligans", starring our good friend Elijah Wood who's really just not that good but suits the part pretty well. The film was made in England and never released (Apparantly..?) in the North America. It's about the Football firms of London, it's gratuitously violent, full of pubs and british laughter and of course, football. And, a phenomenal supporting role. Now, I had to download the film because I couldn't find a copy to buy in all of Winnipeg, and I recommend you do the same, or be honest and moral and go pick it up somewhere. However you do it, you should probably go track it down as soon as you can, I promise you one of those spectacular evenings you write about on your blog as it occurs, just to ensure its immortality.


Anonymous said...

I don't have an account here, so I guess that makes me "anonymous." I'm in the US and Green Street Hooligans was released here, but unfortunately, not wide release.

The film won awards at several film festivals, so it was a shock that no film distributor chose to pick it up. It ended up being distributed by the producers....which accounted for the minimal exposure. It's really tough being an indie film in the US.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the NYC premiere in September, 2005 and this film knocked my socks off. I loved it. I thought Elijah Wood was good, but it was Charlie Hunnam who stole the movie.

DVD sales have done very well here. If you, or anyone, have trouble finding the DVD in Canada, you can get it at

Sharelle said...

who was the anon?
a "Green Street Hooligans" internet publicist.
will go check it out bon.

HilaryRepass said...

I am going to rent it have inspired me and since it is quite a dreary day it will be great for some alone time just me and a good flick!