Saturday, June 03, 2006

points? not my style...

iiiiiiii have no other news. so just some visual titilation. (bad choice of words I realize...i think sharelle once wrote a post about ugly words annnnd titilation would definitely make my list. Come to think of it she might've been looking for beautiful which case someone should probably write a post about ugly words.)

So thought for the day: When did i get so damn dull? AND when did this fresh bout of self-deprication come about? I'm starting to think that allllll this really hit the fan abouuut the same time the old return to The Shits (aka Winkler).

Well. Like I said, no other news. Juuuuust visual ...fancy?

I think i might've posted this already, but it's my favourite photo of the ones I've ever taken.

part one of the bathroom series, which is finally finished. aggs-little bit for you.

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Kristina said...

finished? the bathroom series?
We might have to have an Art show at the Empire featuring the bathroom series most prominantly, and as well, show off all the pictures we (and by we I mean you) have taken of wine-related items.
stellar photos kid.
You? Dull? that's me, remember?