Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"needing to explain" being the running theme of my week...

top 5 things in music that f-ing kill you...



Kristina said...

1. lyrics that make you change your mind about something a person speaking those same words to you couldn't.
2. a chord that makes a song unforgettable and ultimately makes it for you.
3. seeing a band live, and later listening to the album for the first time in full.
4. hearing an album for the first time in general.
5. meeting Chris Martin.

hoardingsanity said...

5. chet baker's voice
4. old vintage guitars playing loud on old vintage amps
3. any half decent harmony
2. breaking a string (you'd think this was a bad thing, but it's not.)
1. a jazz drum fill

the tapered pant said...

these are mine:

1. Bry Webb's vocals
2. that sublime tension of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" on Abbey Road..followed up by "Here Comes The Sun" yeeikes.
3. listening to an album for the first time
4. listening to an album for the hundredth time
5. anything Miles Davis touches.

melanie said...

1. When you re-discover a song that you once loved but haven't listened to in ages.
2. When you can share that "moment" with another person where the music swells and increases and you feel choky in the back of your throat and you have chills up and down yourarm.
3. Dancing to the music that you love.
4. Discovering a music legend like Bob Dylan for the first time and listening to everything you can find on him.
5. Talking with people who dig music the way you do and watching how the conversation travels and its like you're speaking another language.

Spiro said...
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Spiro said...

i decided not to look at any other comments so that i wouldn't be swayed one way or the other-- so sorry if i've repeated.
1. the segway from polethene pam to i came in through the bathroom window.
2. i take that back, the whole abbey road album. (but seeing from the picture, i suppose it is the same for you.)
3. falling in and out of sleep to music
4. a good compline service at st. marks cathedral, seattle.
5. and i hope that for all the cp's you all have TD, in the sports hall lounge at capernwray hall, england.

melanie said...

6. TD in the sports hall lounge at Capernwray Hall :) :)

annie said...

1. listening to a song you've heard a hundred times, but this time hearing a line that you've never really noticed before.
2. going to a show, closing your eyes and thinking i could die happy. right. now.
3. finally getting past listening to the couple of songs that you bought the cd for and realizing that the rest of the album is spectacular.
4. having a thought, thinking someone should write a song about this and then finding the song.
5. playing dogs and thunder with jesse on the cello. highlight of my year.

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