Monday, April 18, 2005

With a key

Welll kids, I don't know why...but I'm getting pretty rip-roaring excited about this conclave. (Which by the way, comes from the Latin term cum clavi which means "with a key". thank you bill dowling) I really have to say, I'm not sure why. Well actually, I'm pretty darn sure why I'm so excited- this is seminal. It's historic. Not to mention, the history and ritual and romanticism that goes into a pontiff election just about kills me. I mean, you're kidding me if you don't wish you were there.

What I wouldn't give for the day when the black smoke ends, and the white sent out from the Chapel. The celebration in St. Peter's square, surrounded by the saints. And the cry from the balcony "HABEMUS PAPUM!" And finally the new man himself, greeting his faithful congregation. Oh, let's face it, it'd be grand. For now, I'll just have to live it through the BBC.

The chimeny in the Sistine Chapel...

Bird's eye view of the mass beginning the new election

(Great Dome, St. Peter's Basillica)

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