Saturday, April 09, 2005

This seemed more interesting last night...

St. Peter's Basillica... my favourite photograph while travelling.

So, last night I was pretty taken with how much I really loved visiting Rome, the Vatican....welllll let's face it, Rome was pretty much the epitomy of "nast-hole"... the standard at which we measured all other nast holes we encountered. None quite as rank i must say. (For those that aren't aware, me and two friends from Capernwray; Kristina, Spiro, and her friend from Seattle, Austin, went on tour through Italy last year for a little while...)

BUT the Vatican. Let me just say this: worth the sousiest train ride of my life to get there. (That is a-nother story for a-nother time) St. Peter's Basillica. Soooo beautiful. sooo intense. Man, i know that Catholics take a lot of flak for their ornateness and Sainthood and pilgrimage and the relics. But wow, when you walk into this ancient place of love for Higher Power, unreal the illustration of devout and adoring worship in that place. And i mean really, we're (protestants) going to crap all over these people for ornateness...let's face it shall we, we are just as ornate only worse because we call it prosperiety, pretend we're entitled and do it for ourselves. (i.e. how many churches do you know that've blown $200 000 on lighting alone?) Not saying it's evil, what I'm saying is get your belief system straight.

Ok didn't mean to turn this into big hysterical ("ballistic"?) rant about Catholicism and why I think it's great. What i meant was for this to be a tiny acknowledgement of the brilliant time I had in the Vatican...

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