Saturday, April 02, 2005

This could get interesting...

Oh geez guys. This isn't seeming like a great idea. I mean essentially what I've opened up here is a place for everyone else, to judge or critique (appreciate?? douuubtfull who's kidding who here) what it is I think about and what it is I feel worth writing down. This is a little scary seeing as how I don't think about much. Hopefully if nothing else, I learn something about HTML tags. Wow great I don't even know if that's what they're called. Whoa sorry, this is coming off a little cynical and bitter (shocker) already. What I meant to say was wow, welcome here.


Anonymous said...

...bon, is that it? nothing more? nothing less? your pictures? did someone really mean take it and delete everything? i will kill 'em. i bet it was the german one! yup, its the german one!!!


i miss you.


Anonymous said...

just kiddin,

i figured out my own mistake.

night pal,.