Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just another self-efacing episode...mmmm optimism

so here's what i've decided about why blogs are a wierd form of activity. (activity..not really the perfect word but it gets me to my point..) It's like having a conversation with yourself but a bunch of people get to listen in. Only, who's kidding who here I think we'll max out with a whopping 4 people reading this bad boy.

See here's the thing, I realize now, as over the last couple days it's been the most stressful, painstaking ordeal to come up with something to post on here. And we all know if it's going to take that much effort, there's a great, great, great chance the ends will be over thought pretentious ca-ca. Because that's the thing, I see know how much I feed off of community. Off of challenges by peers or mentors or whatever. Not to mention, I sincerely consider myself an introvert. So how the heck i thought a blog was a good idea I'm not so sure. Peer pressure. aaaah, that good old community challenge...

Who's kidding who here, I just like the name of this blog so much that I'm going to try to churn out a few things eeeeeven if it's useless stuff. I think i'm going to have to begin with some top 5's though...this will come later

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