Tuesday, April 05, 2005

mmm England

good spot

This was a window in one of the w/c stalls at my bible school last year in England. Unreal. Possibly one of my favourite places on earth. And I'm not even kidding around. Next to this window I got preeeettty much all of my old testament reading done. Goodness, alright, top 5 things i miss about England: (excluding people because that would be impossible, well, probably possible but let's face it, kind of mean)
so, top 5 things i miss: no particular order

1. The National (freaking) gallery/ Tate (bleeding) Modern. KILLS me i forgot this the first time
2. breakfast
3. Almond-maca-freaking-roons. Un-bleeding-real
4. Rob (freaking) Whitaker
5. communal appreciation for great music. For example, a little tune i like to call Tiny Dancer.

hon. ments:
-oh golly cadburys chocolate. I know we get it in Canada but trust me not the same
-you'll also notice on the top 5 there's nothing overly spiritual, which is definitely the most prominent fibre of my entire experience. But i just don't see how you can stick those kinds of thigs in a top 5. maybe that will come later...

sorry, if you're british and just read that it may appear i have turrets. really sorry

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Anonymous said...

first off,
love the blog site.
sorry to all you CP's.
I don't think i can be tempted just yet to get myself one of these. Mostly because I'll get addicted, as most users are of online domains like this, but secondly, because i don't want all communication with you guys to be limited on online only.

Here's my Top 5 things I miss about England.
(beyond the CP's, who all grab the top spot)

1. TD in the upper lounge, obviously. (minus Jesus Jordan crashing our party)
2. The Tate Modern (good one Bon) but more than that, just London in general, except for that one little hostel that we stayed at that was commonly refered to as 'sousy' and had about 2 inches of grime surrounding the showers. needless to say, we all went without showers while staying at that fine establishement.
3. Those train rides from city to city. the public transit system in North America is way under par to that in Europe.
4. Sitting around in the lounge chatting for hours without any concern for the time
5. walks around the loop/poop with a little thing i like to call "Christmas"

hon ment.
- saying "let me tell you a little story called..." about everything.

Bon, i'll be out there sooner than you know and for longer than you know.