Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My new favourite person...

I sincerely apologize to those of you whom the title offends. Buuuut let me tell you a little story involving my good friend Tyler freaking Friesen.

So, the kid whips into Winnipeg today, (I believe to talk to someone about a job in Churchill, for October..or something like that) Annyhow, so the kid goes into Winnipeg, and what does he bring me back? A freaking peppermint latte from our good friends at Starbucks. Not only that, but in a thermos so it arrived on my doorstep piping hot.

Unfortunately, I can't find a picture at el momento...(good movie by the way, "Memento") that'll have to come later

man, needless to say, Bonnie is a happy chappy. And I also have a jr. Youth windup today. heeezah. good kids.

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Spiro said...

Hmmm. Peppermint latte. The title doesn't offend me.