Saturday, April 30, 2005

A little story...

So let me tell you a little story called My friend aballs just got back from africa. and by aballs I mean annie.

This is her, with a little girl (sorry ann, iii forget her name) from the orphange annie was working at.

She was in Malawi, (A small country in Africa, kind of smushed inbetween Zambia, Mozambique, Burundi annnd Tanzania, i think) Anyhow, the orphanage she worked at was in Chewengo Village.

This is a little girl named Moreen.

This is one cool kid, with one excellent shirt. (and annie)

She also helped with a feeding program in the poorest part of Malawi's capitol city, Lilongwe, these kids are, i believe, from that program.

This is my faaaavourite....

These women are the church choir in Chewengo. Check out the woman's eyes, third from the right.


Anonymous said...

you picked almost all my favorites! love the water one too. ehh, but the shirt...not so cool...! please clap for me with the children, i have to work tonight...i will think of annie (and you clapping with your fingers spread wide!)

Spiro said...

A-Balls. I missed you. Someday. (bonnie, perhaps next spring???) Cp's don't freak out... I'm not going out there... just, do you remember what Bon said was going to happen in two years last spring???