Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's all happening...

Welllll kiddies, today, I was going to write about something real....something......"deep" oh that word makes me want to shoot myself in the face. Don't even get me started. But really, I was going to write about some little people I met at a little place I like to call Capernwray.

Alas, today, I cannot. Why? Well, I have to be off in a few minutes to a goold old Omish barn raising. And by Omish I mean Mennonite. And by barn raising I mean deck raising. thaaat's right. I'm going to go help my friend and his family and some other friends build a deck. And let me just say it's fricking cold in Manitoba right now. it's -1C
and I think it'll only get colder...Well, not colder, but it's only supposed to go up to 11C. (I'm thinking that's about...52 Farenheit.) So, I'm going to go freeze my buns off. and nail some wood. I'm actually pretty excited. Oh, I have no picture to post about the deck raising...let me see if i can find something random....


p.s. I actually stayed in a place in England called Ramsbottom.

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