Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Big Read...

Well Kids, I have a request...

Lately, I've had the urge to discuss great books. Though, I've not found I've actually done so for quite some time. And in reality, it's not that I want (at all) the discussion to be centered around what I think of books or what is interesting about them sepecifically. I'd just like to participate in a cultivation of appreciation for the written word. It's a good thing.

Soooo today...I'm thinking, hey, I should try to figure out my top 10 books of all time. For the time being. But I can't figure it out yet. So leave a comment, and in it include your top 10, just so that I can copy everyone else and look cool. To the whole whopping 6 people that read this blog.

Annnnd to make it really hard on you, the Narnia Chronicle's does not count as one book. However, the Lord of the Rings trilogy does. Don't ask me why. It's just the way it should be. Good luck laddies.

Good old Pauline Baynes


Spiro said...

You know what I think is pretty much lame? the fact that I don't read. I mean, I understand how lame that is. So I'm not sure if I can hit 10 that are reeeeeeeeeally quality. I'll have a go. I hope these don't have to be in order. Sorry that so many are by our good friend Clive Staples. (can I really help it?) And I hope that it's not lame that this post is the biggest freaking gong show ever.

A seperate peace. (ok, haven't read this since grade 9, but I absolutely loved it then, I know, probably actually a pretty lame book...)
Les Miserables
Mere Christianity
The Gospel of John
The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe... not even kidding. this is difficult for me kid. I mean, how am I supposed to seperate the 7??? oh well... at least the last battle isn't in there. (only really good for the last couple chapters... which interestingly enough, I've heard someon say about Revelation...)
Catcher in the Rye. (classic?)
The Great Divorce
Lord of the Rings... (although I have yet to read Return of the King... yet again, I'm lame...)

Anonymous said...

bon, i'm with spiro.
i aspire to read a lot more than i actually do.
in fact, i have a bookshelf full of great books that i never just take the time to sit down and read.
i feel a bit lame compared to the thousands of books you've probably read...
but here i go.

1. Siddhartha - herman hesse
2. catcher - salinger
3. mere Christianity/screwtape letters - lewis
4. blue like jazz (spiro i can't believe you forgot this one!)
5. dialouges of silence - thomas merton
6.franny and zooey - salinger
7. 1984 - orwell
8. Seinlanguage - Jerry Seinfeld
9. the bell jar - plath
10.the journals of syliva plath

k solgaard

Spiro said...

Did you put Mere Christianity and the Screwtape Letters as the same book my friend??? I meant not to put Blue Like Jazz up there. Although I love it, it will soon be a forgotten book.

the tapered pant said...

yea wow...nice try there solgaard with the trying to stick Mere Christianity and Screwtape together...

Anonymous said...

calm down you two.
why all the hating?

i'll add "to kill a mockingbird" to the list, to make you both happy.

Mel and Drewlo, fellow CP's:
where are you guys on this one?
i know we're all dying to hear your top 10.

-k solgaard

melanie said...


Is what I say to this post. I love you guys. I love your opinions and even the little writing jabber that I can then hear Spiro respond with a sort of uncomfortable giggle to lighten the mood. I love it. I don't read, surprised? BUT i can tell you the top 10 books I have started this past year and haven't finished, if they're truly good I know not, but let me just say this: i love top 5's and top 10, but top 5's dont make you think as much. okay.

1. This Present Darkness (still not finished tho it even traveled to England with me in attempts to be read. didn't happen.)
2. Blue Like Jazz (meant to have started, waiting for me on the bookshelf.)
3. Peter Pan (after Finding Neverland came out and my love for my imagination and the history of my childhood developed, alas, that had to be put on hold and i found myself growing up :(
4. For Whom The Bells Tolls (excellent for what I read! but alas, life caught up and I ran out of time aka the library makes you PAY when you dont turn it in on time!)
5. The Two Towers (eh, it's somewhere unfinished)
6. The 4th Harry Potter (in storage, and yet unread.)
7. the Five Love Languages (OOoooh please. ditched it.)
8. Ragamuffin Gospel (I WILL finish this!)
9. Les Miserables (started but never finished)
10. 1984 (though I read it I skimmed the majority of it and hated each step)
I know guys, I'm super sorry for how lame this is but its my real honesty.

The ONE book I did finish is the B-I-B-L-E! that's fo sho. alright you girls, i love you and miss you each dearly.
you are my sunshine.


Spiro said...

hehehehahaa... (my attempt to write out my "uncomfortable giggle")

Spiro said...

man seems like this is a dead post. I was really starting to enjoy the CP banter.