Wednesday, February 09, 2011

notes from a staff meeting

Generally, I think it's a good policy not to record events of staff meetings on one's blog. Today, however, was a doozy.

We were discussing ways to highlight the upcoming Lenten Small Groups and how we might encourage people to sign up for them. One of my colleagues suggested making announcements that double as teaching as to why Lent is important which has worked in the past.

Donna: "Once we even had someone come out in sack-cloth and ashes, and used some drama and humour..(trails off, (for the purposes of this story) due to interruption by another colleague...)

Elaine: "oh, we need Bonnie to do these announcments..."

Now...a dear friend (I'm not sure what he'd think if I used his name so why don't we call him...nitsud...) who I am fourtunate enough to work with, was sitting across from me at the staff table. Apparently he didn't hear the comment made by E, and was still thinking along the lines of D and chimed in, saying "yea, you could totally just tear your shirt..."

To which I responded:

Buuut it got funnier...

Nitsud: "Well, not YOU.."

(everyone else is now laughing)

Kirsten: "Well you could..."

Me: "Oh, well, in that case..."

Nitsud: (acting out the ensuing scnario if the above did happen..)
"your small group sign-ups are humongous" (...annnd at the last word another of my fellow (male) colleagues who had been quiet in the conversation up until now, let out a roar of laughter.) which I responded...