Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ok ok ok...

yes, yes, yes, I know, I know, I've been tagged. Spiro - believe me, I think about it all the time. So far, I'm having a hard time not just copying everyone on your list...with the exception of Teek. Anyhow, I trust that given another drive to Winkler I should have it all figured out.

In the meantime, I was walking to my new house last night, in the rain, over rivers, and I started making this list. Today I found myself telling two people about it today, two pretty important people, which means: potentially blog worthy. So, let's see how this pans out, shall we?

10 Things I wish I could Do:
1. I wish I could play & sing the blues like Bonnie Raitt. (
2. I wish I could Highland Dance. (Micheal Flatley: you are a god)
3. You know that scene in Empire records when Mark dusts that ballerina's foot because she's kind of dancing with the headphones on? I wish I could bust moves like that out as I'm walking down the street. No huge dance numbers or anything, juuust enough to give people something to talk about once they get home.
4. I wish I could run without looking like I just crapped my pants
5. I wish I could weld. (I would make such cool shit it'd be scary)
6. I wish I could understand greek. (No no no, not learn greek, just understand greek.)
7. I wish I could play hockey. (without holding onto a chair on the ice)
8. I wish I could say more things like "who's having a hairy canary over there?" (jody you KILL me)
9. I wish I could be perfect pitch pam.
10. I wish I could follow Andrew Derkson around with a video camera.


Sharelle said...

I wish I could be Bonnie Dowling.

Thats a fine list my friend. I can defenitely concur on many of those. I have always wished for rad yet graceful dance moves.

As for the tag - I got it too, but SHOOT that is not an easy task.

Spiro said...

perfect pitch pam eh? alliterations in names get to me. other than that, yes, sounds fantastic, ms. pam

tiffany said...

time for something new.

tiffany said...

NEW!!! new new new new. please? i'm an asshole.