Wednesday, April 26, 2006

we are collapsed in the act of just being here...

Well. Here' s the question today. Actually, here's my idea. Hold on I need Albert...the ipod...(OOook true story: I've just gone to retrieve the ipod from the bag i left on the patio this afternoon, only to find a frog A FROG sitting on the so gross)

So, this is my idea. I realize it's not by any means an original idea to associate music with a particular setting, that being the entire idea of ambience. But it seems to me we generally limit the idea of ambience to something like soft lighting, soft music, or really powerful kind of sexually tense music. (I can't believe I said it either). Anyhow, lately, it's come to my attention that I kind of get a feeling for a specific song in a specific time or place. And more than just dim, kind of maroon feeling evenings. Kind of like wine and cheese. But I don't know anything about wine and cheese.

Alright, III am making jack shit for sense so here are my favourite ideas so far;
Wilco's "I am Trying to Break Your Heart" is best suited to a bright, warm but crisp morning.
Feist's "Mushaboom" and a chipper, sunlit afternoon walk
Ben Fold's "The Ascent of Sam" and an evening walk with a strong wind, at twilight while the sky is vaguely blue, and the trees create oily silhouettes when one stares upward.
The Constantine's "Nightime/Anytime(It's alright)" in the middle of a city, while the sun sets. (The song makes you want to run, but I understand this may be against some existing policies..)
The Weakerthans "I Hate Winnipeg" anywhere at anytime, in Winnipeg (kiiind of a j-o-k-e)
Wolf Parade's "You Are a Runner, and I Am My Father's Son" dictates a smoke outside at 5 o'clock.
Stars' "Heart" will your sitting still in the afternoon. (As recommended by a poet).

annd I feel like there's a track in the beginning of Sufjan's "Come on Feel The Illonoise" that seems like sitting awake in your bed at dawn, staring onto your neighbour's roof, but I'll have to let you know which one exactly tomorrow.

now. I realize that there're all sorts of music...whaaat's another word for snobs...juuust kidding. please. Leave me a comment. Teach me.




meadstars said...

stars- "your ex-lover is dead". the morning after you break up, you wake up, and you are all alone.

the tapered pant said...
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the tapered pant said...

pretty much makes you want to break someone's heart, just so they have such a great moment. annd aggs, I need to explain that title to you.

Sharelle said...

for the record, i went and listened to every song and imagined the possibilties that you described. pretty good i'd say.
do i have anything to contribute. well not at the moment no. are we that suprised?

Kristina said...

you're my favorite person ever.

Kristina said...

I'll think of one as i'm falling asleep tonight and tell you about it tomorrow.

Kristina said...

My thought on this post, as i have pondered if the the past few days has something to do with "The Battle of Evermore" by our good friends the Zeps, and a confused and anxious walk around town.
It somehow fits together nicely in my imagination. I think because i experienced this moment the other day.