Monday, August 01, 2005


check it out. it's the Gord Downie. If you find the verrrrry south-west corner of Vimy Ridge Memorial park, cross Preston Ave. and there's a little apartment block-looking blob. Looking out onto Home St, that'll be the Downie Suite. Mmm boy.


Kristina said...

Holy Downie Batman.

i think i found a sign for our door. it's going to be great.
Thanks again for finding the g downie Bon.

i'll see you August 31st.


Sharelle said...

Guess who has pretty much scored some air miles to come see the gord downie? not spiro. hehehe. one more guess, yup me. thank you deb.

Kristina said...

Are you kidding me Drewlo...
you're coming to the Gord Downie?