Saturday, August 13, 2005


alright. alright. I'm nervous about writing this. It's killing me that I couldn't stop as the details were happening around me and record them, the Spirit descended upon me, held my breath in his hand and spoke to me, in exsquisite eloquence, what was ocurring.

About 4 days ago, I had the esteemed priveledge of being accompanied by my brother to the Foo Fighters concert in Winnipeg, to which I had two floor seats. There were two other bands playing that night. One was Sloan, a poor excuse for a Canadian rock band and I really couldn't have cared less when they arrived on stage. However, up before them, was this little band whom I love and had no idea they were playing that night. They go by the name The Constantines. Un-freaking-believable.

One of my favourite questions in the world to ask people is this "If God were to represent Heaven to you as something familiar, something you'd known here on earth, what would it be?" (feel free to answer.) And I used to say Narnia. God would present Himself as a Lion and we would romp around on the hills of Narnia. I think, I think that may be incorrect. Instead, I believe God would stand next to me as rich, heavy, living music enveloped us. (As I experienced with Christ as The Constantines played.) I think Heaven would be a rock concert.

Beautiful, enriching music, live and close. Music of substance both figuratively and literally, for even your body must be immersed and affected by the sounds. Music pulsing through you, loud enough to drown out even thought which does not reflect the immediate beauty of your surroundings. The band involving themselves in the audience, the audience involving themselves in the music. The story told again and again. Melodies so rick you stop your breath. Vocals so syrupy you could drown. Christ met me in this. It is killing me that I couldn't stop to write as it occured. He was unexpected and undeserved, but real and present as the floor I stood on. Headphones and speakers will never allow the blessed intoxication; they could never really hope to compare to the experience that is live music. What a freaking gift to stand and watch creativity birthed into song...

I guess that's it. all that hype for nothing...sorry guys.


Kristina said...

i wish you would believe that you are great Bon.
what a privilege it is to hear your thoughts.
and what an eloquent speach about the beauty of music.
nothing could be finer my friend.

Cap-tim said...

hey bon tim here - got your email - i got cdu - goin back to repeat the yr see if i can get better grades than what i did? lol take care!

Spiro said...

I'll respond what what heaven would be-- if a familiar place.

and I think it might be one of two places.

sitting at a large table in a dining hall, with food before us and familiar faces all around

or second:
in water. water up to around the waist, or even up to the chest, floating around with buddies on a hot day, with food on the way

times like these I have found lately I have seen a glimpse of heaven. Of course, I've never really been there...