Thursday, June 02, 2005

I want to live in a Coldplay video...

Let me unpack that headline...I saw the Coldplay 'Speed of Sound' video last night. Fricking beautiful. Like dump-your-pants-good. Well, at least...I liked it...I'm sure I'll have a bunch of cool artful freaks at my doorstep telling me how lame it was...but kids I gotta say, I don't care. Hate on. It was freaking beautiful. I really wanted to write about this last night. The love of posting stuff like this is sort of dissipating. Regardless, it's a beautiful video. I tried to find a picture but I couldn't as of yet.

Another thought for the night: OH! a thought from Bill: Moby Dick is a beautiful piece of literature and you should read it.
And a thought from Bonnie: Top 5 authors anyone? I know a bunch of you are going to want to put Salinger up there...but let me just say this; have you read "Seymour: An introduction" ? Because I just finished it and it's made me wonder if J.D is as top 5 as I'd like him to be. But I guess...we can always come back to how ridiculously eloquent our good friend Holden Caufield is.

Anyhow, let me know. Top 5 authors. Or have we done this?

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