Sunday, May 29, 2005

yet to be named...

So here's the spectacular news about my little friend Evan. And by little friend I mean brother and by that I mean he's cooler and more popular than me.

Well, let me just say this first, I think he's a phenomenol musician. He's currently in a band (which is yet to be named...sorry, if any of you band members is reading this, I've just gotta say, the previous band name did not exactly float my boat...but it's ok. we'll work on it)

Anyhow, the reaalllly big news is that today they found out that they're going to get a little record deal and go on tour in the fall! Un-freaking-real I bet they make it huge. I hope they make it huge. I haven't actually heard them yet. But I've heard each musician individually and I can't see how their collective faculty, the pool of talent that exists between them could not cause an elation of the art.

I'll keep you posted, watch for tour dates. Until then...try to think of a name I could pass on.

thiiis is him. More pictures coming soon


melanie said...


this is your brother who wears a kilt who i wanted to go to prom with, right?

i'm a fan....of the music of course.

its all about the music.

haha. i miss you heaps and heaps

Anonymous said...

that's aweseome! go evan! you can tell him "i'm proud of you, antonio!" that's what you can tell him. as for names....i suck at that.