Saturday, May 14, 2005


WElllll is finished. but it doesn't look exactly right. but pretty close. and i love it anyways.
mmmm the vaugeness....sorry kids, about the lameness of the blog lately. Pretty much, i don't have anytime for anything. Though I did find time to arrange myself one heck of an awkward outing tonight....hazah.


Anonymous said...

did you get your tattoo??
vaugness is my enemy when it is in other people.
but in myself it is my friend.

so i'm trying to start a blog but it's not quite finished yet.
by finished i mean ready enough for people to see. although i think spiro found it.


Spiro said...

You betchya I found it!

umm, Bon, is that the picture I drew? wheres the actual tattoo!!!!